Marcia and Midori rarely teach this class, and you don’t want to miss out. Join us for a weekend of skill-building unlike any other.

"A weekend with these two ladies was educational and enjoyable! Their experience and knowledge... Oh fuck all that. It was a bare bones/crash coarse in how to set up a scene with everyone's interests intact. An eye opening class on the details and nuances that can be identified for an all-out fun-fest!" - Wendy Pero, Milwaukee, WI

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San Francisco

Dates TBD - Winter 2018!


"I can't believe how much I learned during this weekend, you'd think I was just starting out. It was a marathon of imparting fascinating information, assignments, role playing, and overall expansion in my capacity and imagination for hot play. Their laser-like focused attention on us as their students as well as the precision of the vast body of material imparted was exquisite. The result is that I feel substantially up-leveled in my repertoire and ready to play play play!

Now I can't wait and am so much looking forward to taking what I've learned and bringing it into my life adventures, making hot play happen ever hotter than I knew was within my grasp. Thank you Midori and Marcia, you ladies placed a bomb inside of me that's just waiting to ignite and explode!"

- Anonymous in Brooklyn

"You can take all the technique and toy classes you like, and read all the books you can — and I have — but none of that can be put into good practice without a framework of good communication to play within. After just half a day with Midori & Marcia I realized everything I thought I knew about kink and sex were going to be completely bulldozed and rewritten for the better. After the Make Hot Play Happen seminar I feel that I can confidently create any kind of playtime I want that addresses my desires as well as my partner’s—without the awkwardness and performance anxiety that is the unfortunate norm. Now I’m going to need to send all my future partners to take this seminar too!"

-Lauren P.

"I took this workshop because I felt unconfident. I felt I couldn’t communicate or connect on with my partners on a deeper level. And as a result, play was often lack-luster.

I was focusing too much on technique.

In Make Hot Play Happen, we learnt that our partners crave moods - a sense of venerability, of surprise, of helplessness, and even to feel powerful. How do we elicit them? How can we help create and sustain those moods in our partner’s minds?

Technique, I realized, is the tip of an iceberg. The mind is the rest of it.

Underlying this concept is a simple premise: In Midori’s own words, “there are no tops, and there are no bottoms. Only what you crave and what your partner craves, right now, in this moment.”

I’ll remember those words for a long, long time.

I learnt a lot in Make Hot Play Happen, but the most important thing Marcia and Midori help me achieve is a sense of confidence - in both myself and in the process of how to design an unforgettable moment with my partner."

- R in New York