If you’ve been around kinksters, swingers, poly people or play parties for any amount of time, you’ve seen them… The Sexual Sophisticates.

These people who have a certain kind of magic to them. They have skills and techniques, but there’s something more going on there.

It seems like they can conjure a scene out of anything. Their negotiations seem like seductions. When they play, it truly seems like they are reading their partners’ minds. They use roles like dominant, submissive, switch to guide them, but navigate freely between them.

Whether they’re monogamous or play with others, they have a freedom and confidence that makes them captivating. They are fluent in a variety of erotic dimensions and are always learning new sexual languages. They have a magical ability to follow what thrills them and their playmates.

These are the Sexual Sophisticates.

The thing is, it isn’t magic. They aren’t mind-reading. And their confidence comes from knowing how to set both themselves and their partners up to win, no matter what happens in a given scene.

Sexual Sophisticates have learned specific, nuanced, teachable skills that make hot play happen.

Skills that with a little knowledge and some practice, you can start using too.

You’re probably already halfway there. You’ve taken some classes and bought some toys. You’ve learned techniques and acquired tools. You’ve dipped your toe in the water and like what you’ve seen.

You’re on your way to the sex you’ve always wanted.

Other classes will teach you how to throw a flogger, tie someone up, or give a great blowjob. But this one will teach you how to get a scene started. How to make negotiation seamless and really hot. How to set up your environment so that steamy sex can happen more easily.

Other classes will tell you to listen, but this one will teach you exactly what to listen for to create a scene that leaves you both panting for more. How to discover clues to desires you and your partner doesn’t even know you had. How to know what your partner really wants.

You’ll learn how to get back on track when a scene goes sideways. You’ll gain confidence that you are, in fact, doing it right. You’ll walk out knowing how to initiate creative, satisfying play, and you’ll get specific, tailored-to-you, concrete steps you can take to set up your bedroom and home to make fun, hot sex happen more often.

You’ll learn how to use your fantasies and desires to foster more connection and intimacy between you and your partner. And how to harness your creative energy and hunger for power, sensation and surrender.

These are skills for everyone interested in being a connoisseur of great sex.

…regardless of the roles you like, or whether you play publicly or privately. Whether you’ve been partnered for 20 years, are recently seeing someone special, or spend your days swiping right on Tinder, you’ll learn skills in this intensive that will make your sex life richer, deeper and way, way more fun.

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

  • What stops you from initiating play and how to turn that to your advantage
  • Stealth negotiation and how to generate kinky scenes from everyday conversation
  • Transitioning from “regular life” to hot play
  • Role-playing made simple (even if that’s not usually your thing!)
  • Prompts to help you create fun, sexy scenes that you’ll want to do again and again
  • Simple changes you can make in your home that will help you have more hot sex, more often
  • What to listen for so that you understand what your partner REALLY wants from your play
  • Lots of fun, low-stakes practice with creating scene proposals and negotiation
  • How to give feedback when something isn’t working (without killing the mood)
  • Reading non-verbal communication (and using it to both of your advantage)
  • How to salvage a scene that goes sideways
  • And much more…

Join renowned sexual communication and kink educators Marcia Baczynski and Midori for a weekend that will change your sex life forever, dedicated to helping you create the kind of mind-bending, earth-shaking play you’ve always dreamed of.


This is a weekend intensive unlike any other. You’ll walk out inspired, delighted, turned on and ready to play!

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San Francisco

Dates TBD - Winter 2018!


My precious kink moms,

I gained so much from the weekend spent in your presence and am grateful for it. I learned that my own perceived limitations were holding me back from receiving and sharing in so much joy in many areas of my life. I learned why and how to stop desire smuggling. I learned to be patient and kind with myself when I do smuggle my own desire. I learned that saying "Thank you" during sexy times can go a long way...

A playmate of mine came over on Monday night. I asked for what I wanted, asked him what he was in the mood for right now and we played. For four hours. My orgasms escalated to somewhere over 20 and I stopped counting and just kept enjoying. When I asked for something in the moment and he provided, I thanked him and I could watch him get visibly more determined and entranced with the experience. It was fucking epic.

I scared the bejesus out of my roommate, but I didn't wake the kid so I'm calling it a complete win. I was slurring my words by the end and fell asleep in a heap. There were no plots, no fancy costumes, no exotic locales. We scheduled time, shared our desires, and made it happen in the moment.

Thank you for removing so many barriers to joy!